Four oils, a single product for the FACE, BODY and HAIR.

Violet OIL

The oil of youth

Violet is helpful for normalising sebum production, it has cicatrisant and anti-inflammatory properties, the extract cleanses the skin and is very useful for treating problems such as acne, eczema, cold sores and psoriasis.
VIOLET cream is especially indicated for oily skin but is also helpful for moisturising dry skin and preventing wrinkles and stretch marks.

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Thyme and Sage OIL

Anti-age, anti-oxidant

Applied topically, THYME is a good anti-oxidant and skin disinfectant, it stimulates blood circulation to exert a strong natural anti-fatigue, protective and anti-age action.
Used on the face it has an anti-age and anti-oxidant effect and helps to protect the skin.
Sage promotes the healing of skin wounds by stimulating fibroblast biosynthetic activity.
Thanks to its astringent, disinfectant and sebum-balancing activities is also used in creams, cleansing milks, toning lotions and face-packs for the daily care of oily and acne-prone skin and is especially effective when combined with hazelnut oil.

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Mulberry OIL

Refreshing, tonic and soothing

The fruits of the Mulberry tree are a rich source of proteins, tannins, rutin and vitamins A, B and C and there is scientific evidence that they have a strong anti-bacterial action.
In addition to its laxative properties, Mulberry has excellent decongestant, cooling, tonic and soothing properties and its leaves have cleansing, diuretic and antibiotic properties and exhibit vasoprotective activity.
MULBERRY extract helps to restore normal cellular metabolism. The pulp is used in soothing face-packs to treat dry skin and the juice in moisturising lotions.

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Equisetum OIL

Improves tone and elasticity

Primitive Equisetum, also known as “Horsetail”, is a rich source of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory substances and is particularly helpful in promoting remineralisation of hard tissues such as nails and hair and of the osteo-articular system.
Thanks to its natural cosmetic properties, Horsetail helps to revive dull, lifeless hair to give it more body and strength and is used to restore the skin's tone and elasticity.

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How much product should you use?

2/3 sprays

What time of day should you apply the product?

At any time of day

Which area should you apply the product to?

The face, hair and body

How should you apply the product?

Massage gently with a circular motion